Everythingmom.com 18 Products to Combat Dry Winter Skin: Zoe Organics Cream.

Zoe Organics Cream Combats Dry Skin for Everythingmom.com
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Everythingmom.com features the Zoe Organics Cream in their ultimate Dry Winter Skin nixing guide. “Sometimes dry skin needs extra care and Zoe Organics extreme cream is packed with vitamins and premium organic ingredients to restore and nurture skin naturally. No added fragrances or essential oils makes it ideal for sensitive skin too.”- click here to read the complete article.

Developed specifically for very dry skin and conditions such as eczema. This ultra rich cream by Zoe Organics is packed with vitamins and nutrient-rich oils and botanicals that naturally heal and restore sensitive and damaged skin. Unlike lotion, this product contains no water, fillers or chemical preservatives – a jar of Cream is packed with only premium organic ingredients. A little bit of this product goes a long way!