Meet Mia Bell!


We have new friends here and think it’s a great time for a quick intro. Hi! I’m Mia, CEO + Principal Broker at MIA BELL Brands. From a very early age, I’ve been drawn to the world of beauty. I was that 7 year old who would stay put in cosmetic aisles, browsing from display to display, instead of following her parents around the store.

Halfway through my Pre-Optometry track in college (i.e. eye doctor), I made the big decision to change course and focus on the beauty industry. It was then that a teacher turned everything I knew upside down. “People, we are being exposed to toxins and unsafe chemicals through our beauty and personal care products.” Jaw drop. 😨 How was that even possible?! If that was true nobody, seriously, would allow makeup + skincare to be sold. I thought she was plain crazy. But after taking a cosmetic chemistry course, I soon realized just how liberal companies can be with the use of questionable ingredients in their products. There had to be better options out there.

I worked for mainstream mega brands all while searching for healthier options in stores myself. Slim pickings then. Hearing the frustrations of indie brands over lack of man power and market obstacles I decided to act. My team and I have been helping brilliant, natural beauty & lifestyle brands get into more stores ever since. Most importantly, we teach them how to THRIVE in the marketplace. We love what we do😊. And there are more brands to be discovered!

I’d love to know- how did you first hear about natural & organic products? . {PC @paperandhoney}