Powerful Copy Writing Tips To Boost Brand Identity & Product Recognition

As business owners in this increasingly competitive natural beauty & lifestyle space we can only hope that our brand messaging is cutting through the clutter and making an impact. I don’t know about you- but I’m definitely not a copy writing genius. Actually, many entrepreneurs aren’t! We’re good at doing what we do best- making, dreaming, scaling and hustling. Right?! But until the day comes that you can have a dedicated copywriter on staff full time, your product copy & brand identity is still yours to craft.

Luckily, for this month’s Master Class we’ve tapped into the mind of word maven, Amy Flyntz. Amy’s client list has included familiar names like Satya Jewelry, Thoughtfully Magazine, Laura Gellar, Vincent Longo, Meow Meow Tweet, Organic Bath Co and many more. In this rapid fire session, Amy shares powerful copy writing tips to help you craft a most memorable, confident and authentic brand voice.  Be seen. Be heard!

You’ll learn-

  • The common mistakes brands make with their brand messaging
  • How to find your core language
  • Why consistency is vital for brand recognition
  • And although it may feel like it, you actually haven’t been repeating yourself enough (say what?!)

Connect with Amy via her website: http://www.amyflyntz.com/

Find Amy on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

I hope you enjoy this new Master Class!  Make sure you leave a comment below, I’d love to know what insights stood out for you or if there is anything else I can be of help with. And as always, if you know someone that would gain a lot from watching this, please share!

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Have a beautiful rest of the week,


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