Growing Your Small Operation To Attract Larger Retailers


When we first set out to launch a product line, we have BIG dreams of what it will become and where it will take you. You just know, deep down, that you’re going to be the next IT brand. You’ve got the vision. You’ve got the drive. Now what about the actual HOW? How do you grow your small-time operation on a budget, increase exposure and attract larger retailers without falling to pieces in the process?

I know that this exact question can create lots of anxiety, dread and fear for many entrepreneurs. You’ve got something special to share with the world! Believe me, you can do this! Which is why I’m beyond delighted to share this month’s master class with you! From TJ Maxx to the aisles of regional natural grocery chains, The Optimist Co and its founder, Devin Donaldson, are no strangers to growing with the flow! In this master class, we get to hear Devin’s candid play by play of what it truly takes to scale your operation to the next level, sustainably and organically.

You’ll learn:

  • Why market feedback is essential to your growth strategy & saving money
  • How developing a standout brand is much like dating
  • Relationships are needed to support your growth
  • Scaling is all about pre-emptive planning
  • Clever ways to calm the jitters and overwhelm of selling to retailers



The Optimist Co.

Instagram: @theoptimistco 

Twitter: @The_Optimist_Co

Connnect with Devin by using the hashtag #happycleaning

I hope this Master Class is helpful to you! Let me know what you thought about it by leaving a comment below. And as always, if you know someone that would love to watch this, please share!

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