Your Biggest Retailer Questions Answered

Hey Beauty Boss,

Tell me, how familiar do these statements sound to you?

“I wish could just simply ASK retailers what they are looking for!”

“I wonder why a competitor product was picked over my line?”

“I’ve been pitching shops and I’m just not getting the response I hoped for!”

“Shops keep telling me that sales of my product are so-so but I have no idea what I can do to change that!”

These are just some of the many thoughts and questions that run through brand founders’ minds as they navigate the complicated and competitive world of RETAIL. Trying to figure out what buyers truly want on your own can be incredibly overwhelming. You’ve started your product line because you have a dream. Yet somehow in this retail space you keep running into a new wall. Well, what if retailers did finally tell you what they want?

I’ve read all of your fantastic questions and comments. I just knew we had to make something happen! So, in this month’s Master Class we’ve gathered an expert and influential panel of eco retailers to answer your BIGGEST questions! Joining us today is Jennifer Freitas of The Truth Beauty Company, Jami Sherman of Echo Natural Beauty and Casey Shagena of Menagerie Beauty & Body. A powerhouse trio, they share deep insider knowledge that covers your most asked about retail topics such as:

  • Why pricing matters (and it matters A LOT).
  • The critical marketing tools that can help your indie brand sell in-store
  • How to make the best impression on the first contact
  • Key things they look for in brands
  • Best practices for nurturing a happy, profitable & successful partnership
  • And much more….


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Connect with our Expert Panelists:

Jennifer Freitas: The Truth Beauty Company

Casey Shagena: Menagerie

Jami Sherman: Echo Natural Beauty

I’m so happy we could bring this special Retailer Panel to you today! I truly hope you enjoyed it and that it’s inspired you to take action! Let me know what you thought about it by leaving a comment below or on our social media @miabellbrands. And as always, if you know someone that would love to watch this, please share!

Have a gorgeous rest of the week!


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