Starting your Organic Skincare Brand

For this month’s Master Class we are bringing our beauty discussion back….wayyyy back to the basics. We’re talking formulations and line development. So, if you are currently dreaming of formulating your own organic skincare line or are thinking of expanding your existing beauty range – this is a class totally worth putting the mixer down for.

We are joined by THE global expert in organic beauty formulations, Lorraine Dallmeier. Lorraine is the Director of Formula Botanica, the accredited, award-winning, organic cosmetic science school.  A biologist and environmental scientist by training, Lorraine works with thousands of beauty entrepreneurs around the world to help them start and grow their artisan brands.

In this class we’ll jump into the critical formulation ‘know how’ that any college, university or Youtube video isn’t teaching you that could spell disaster for an aspiring beauty entrepreneur.  YIKES!

The class will also cover:

  • The surprises and regulations that can delay your launch to market
  • Money – why it’s critical to have a reserve for additional R&D
  • Why it’s financially smart  to start off with a “capsule” range
  • The #1 tactic to become A BIG FISH in a little pond and own your space.
  • How investing  in yourself can give your business momentum

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I’m so happy I could bring this Master Class to you today! I truly hope you enjoy it and that it’s helpful. And as always, if you know someone that would love to watch this, please share!

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Mia Bell