How To Present Yourself To A Retailer

We are half way through 2017 and I’d love to ask you – how is business going? I’ve asked many brand founders this question and, not surprisingly, they’ve all pretty much said the same thing “we are going after MORE sales.” I’ll tell you- that’s always SMART. And if your next stage of growth depends on selling your product to more retail shops in this next half of 2017 and beyond, then this month’s Masterclass will set you up on a path to success!

How does a retail buyer like to be contacted? Is it best to walk in? Call? What’s the best way to follow up with a retailer? What should I do if the answer is no? What will be expected of me if they do carry my product? Having significant experience with wholesale, I can easily answer all of these questions for you. BUT why not get direct insight from an actual retail buyer?! We are joined this month by the amazing Terresa Clark, Senior Buyer at Blush Beauty Bar. Blush Beauty Bar is one of the largest independent retailers in the U.S. Keeping, Portland Oregon beautiful now for 13 years; they carry some of the most reputable lines in the market. Trust me; they know a GREAT product line when they see one!

So how do you impress a retailer that has possibly seen it all?

In this class, Terresa opens up about:

  • The ideal way to get in touch with a retail buyer and why
  • Research 101 – why you have to do your research to avoid disaster
  • Communicating your story and uniqueness is EVERYTHING
  • Top no-no’s (like, seriously) when approaching a retailer.
  • And how to work with retailers like a pro – no matter your size.

I’m so happy I could bring this Master Class to you today! I truly hope you enjoy it and that it’s helpful. And as always, if you know someone that would love to watch this, please share!

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Mia Bell