InStyle Writes on Using a Menstrual Cup For for the First Time!

InStyle writes on using a menstrual cup or for the first time, and of course it’s a Lunette cup!

“Using a cup instead of pads or tampons is good news for the environment, as well as your body. Ever have the absolute pleasure of pulling out a dry tampon during the lighter days of your cycle? Aside from the kind of pain that makes you want to kick the back of the bathroom door, this can cause micro-abrasions on your vaginal wall, which, in some cases, could lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome. Some people choose not to use them, as tampons can alter the natural pH and balance of good bacteria to the point that it triggers an infection. That dry tampon feeling is no longer an issue with a cup, since it can be used on both heavy and light days, and neither is the threat of infection thanks to the medical-grade silicone. Menstrual cups can also help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, and as the Lunette team told me, could likely lead to better orgasms.”