Insider Tips to Optimize a Skin Care Brand’s Manufacturing Experience

Change. Interestingly enough, it’s the one constant thing we can count on in business. What if that change requires an up level in production? Maybe you need to trade in small batch for high quantity manufacture? Honestly, the thought of scaling production 2x or even 3x (wowza) can intimidate anyone, no matter how seasoned they are in business.

So, where does one even start? How do you select the best manufacturer or lab? What things need to be figured out before starting the process? How much time and money is it going to take? If my email today finds you facing a fork in the road, you will love this month’s master class.

We are joined by Melinda Wochner of Covalence Labs who brings us 20+ years of experience in private label and custom manufacturing. Melinda has guided hundreds of independent, natural beauty and wellness brands through critical periods of expansion. She’s passionate about sharing her insider knowledge so brands feel confident and have the best, most effortless scale up possible. You’ll feel like a pro!

Prepare to take massive notes. In this class you will learn:

  • How to find manufacturers that will meet your exact needs.
  • Why your brand vision and distribution strategy will determine everything.
  • The key things that a manufacturer should be asking you and vise versa
  • The mistakes that can add significant expense and time.
  • Additional, surprising,  things a manufacturer can guide you on
  • And more.

I’m so happy I could bring this Master Class to you today! I truly hope you enjoy it and that it’s helpful. And as always, if you know someone that would love to watch this, please share!

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Mia Bell