Thriving businesses are built on genuine relationships. Our retailers are our vital partners in expanding the presence of the most extraordinary and exciting natural products on the market. From the first contact to regular support visits, and every touch in between, our national sales team operates with the highest code of ethics.  Aggressive sales tactics are not a part of our process. Guiding our retail partners to the best-matched product lines for their stores is what matters most. You are in good hands.

Meet Our Founder

Mia is a dynamo: a brand emissary that any new venture will be lucky to land. She’s filled to the brim with relevant knowledge, enthusiasm and passion…Mia’s top qualities are the very team attributes any business needs to succeed.”- Chief Communications Officer, Ideagility

Respected business mentor. Natural beauty expert. Champion for a better world.

Mia Bell is on a mission to help brilliant, natural beauty and lifestyle companies THRIVE in the marketplace.  Mia’s time spent working in multi-million dollar sales teams of some of the most widely distributed beauty brands have given her a deep understanding of what it takes to grow a company to great heights.

As beauty product lover from her elementary school years, Mia was shocked to learn that some of her long-term favorite brands used questionable, toxic ingredients. In searching for better alternatives, she was even more shocked to find that there was a lack of natural options on store shelves. Convinced that this could be changed, Mia created MIA BELL BRANDS and set out to make non-toxic beauty the rule rather than the exception in retailers across the nation. Today, Mia and her national sales team help healthy brands gain their place on store shelves and teach conscious companies how to become strong players in the industry.

With over a decade of experience in sales and experiential marketing, Mia counsels some of the most exciting startup and corporate companies in the natural & organic space. She is an avid hiker, a lover of big ideas and a believer of making the world a better place through entrepreneurship.  Mia resides in Portland, Oregon with her husband, son and pup.

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