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Mentorship the Mia Bell Brands Way

You’ve created something special. This is your dream. You know that you can be just as successful as the brands that you admire. But something is holding you back. Wrestling with this doubt and fear of what to do next can be painfully exhausting. Can I tell you something fellow Beauty Boss? You don’t have to feel stuck anymore. We’re here to help, with our personalized private mentorship program.

Are you ready to have the personalized, 1:1 support that you’ve been craving? Is it time to get an expert’s eyes on your business and stop nervously guessing about what your next move should be? You know your company can have the success that others are having, but the hours you are spending trying to figure things out on your own are slowing things down. You know that something has to change.

Here’s the thing: as a company, you can invest heavily in gorgeous product photography, genius copy, captivating packaging, or on the greatest formulas. However, it’s a strong sales strategy and plan that will ultimately bring you success in the competitive and crowded world of retail. Product-based businesses that have a clear understanding of their direction with sales, those are the ones that win.

In our 1:1 private mentorship program, three major things happen. First, our clients gain clarity. They discover that they are feeling empowered and emboldened with the necessary knowledge to grow their business. Finally, our clients use what they’ve learned to get results.

At MIA BELL, we know that no two businesses are alike. This is why our 1:1 private mentorship curriculum is not cookie cutter. It’s tailored to your company’s unique needs and goals. Together, we will create custom solutions that will move the needle in your business.

Let’s work toward your success together.

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Below are some of the areas that we can work on via 1:1 private mentorship:

  • Creation of wholesale foundation and procedures for young companies and startups
  • Deep review o current wholesale processes to solve inefficiencies
  • Demystifying the different retail channels, determining your best fit and crafting a sales plan
  • Accountability for sales planning and company goals
  • Hiring, training and management of field marketing and demonstration staff, company sales teams and sales representatives
  • Create, plan and execute retail support and sell through programs to boost recurring sales
  • Learning how to forecast and sell more products to existing retail accounts
  • Develop product education and incentive programs to strengthen sales
  • Initiate low-cost, high-impact marketing tactics to supercharge brand awareness and promotion
  • New line introduction, product and concept feedback
  • Event and tradeshow prep
  • and much more…

Private 1:1 mentorship can last from 4-12 weeks, depending on your unique needs and goals. Please note: Mentorship sessions will re-open in April 2017. To be notified when sessions resume, please email Slots are limited.

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The Best Foot Forward (BFF) Technique

Does the idea of selling your own product make you freeze? Are you unsure of the best methods to train your sales team? Or do you need a complete wholesale reboot?

This is where the Best Foot Forward (BFF) Method will set you apart.

Ninety percent of sales theory and recommended practices only apply to one and done transaction businesses – think car salesmen, insurance agents, and real estate agents. In these types of businesses, the relationship ends at the initial sale. That doesn’t work in wholesale. Wholesale is about recurring sales. It’s about nurturing profitable and genuine business relationships. Our signature sales training programs place focus on how to thrive after the first sale. They will set you apart from competitors!

Program 1: Best Foot Forward (BFF) Sales Training –  BFF Sales Training is a revolutionary sales philosophy and system developed by our Founder, Mia Bell for wholesaling professionals and businesses. The BFF Sales Method is first in our core, signature sales curriculum and all MB sales reps go through this exact training. Company founders and numerous sales professionals have also been trained in the BFF way. The BFF Sales Method will immerse you in mindful sales tactics, teach you our proven system for catching the attention of Buyers, walk you through the 4 part recipe for the perfect pitch, the best methods for follow up without ever sounding salesy, and how to increase your odds of being carried by more stores. This is a 6-week intensive course.

Program 2: Ramp Up Reorders- Selling in is the easiest part of wholesale. Keeping your brand alive and well in stores is the real test! This training is perfect for any company executive who wants to make sure that their brand is always generating a stream of reorders from their retailers. This training teaches you how to proactively stimulate reorders, reactivate “dead” or non-reordering accounts, actively nurture retailers, keep retailers loving your brand and gain a cache of creative solutions for enhancing sell through. This is a 4-week intensive course.

Program 3: Maintaining a Healthy Wholesale Business- This training walks you through our proven system for maintaining a happy and healthy roster of retail accounts for years to come. You’ll learn to check in with your retailers in ways that will enhance your relationship. You’ll learn how often to check in with retailers; to spot struggling accounts and offer solutions; and how to nurture top performing doors. And lastly, we’ll review your wholesale systems and procedures to snuff out inefficiencies and build a stronger foundation to scale. This is a 4-week intensive course.

These training programs can be taken in succession or individually as needed.

Please note: Mentorship sessions will re-open in February 2017. To be notified when sessions resume, please email Slots are limited.