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PANEL: Your BIGGEST Retailer Questions Answered!

What do retailers look for in a product line? Why do some brands stand out over others? How can I make the best impression when I first make contact with a retailer? Is there something I can do to help my product line sell better in shops?  These are just some of the many thoughts and questions that run through brand founders’ minds as they navigate the complicated and competitive world of RETAIL. Trying to figure out what buyers truly want on your own can be incredibly overwhelming. Well, what if retailers did finally tell you what they want? We’re joined by an expert and influential panel of eco retailers to answer your BIGGEST questions! A powerhouse trio-  Jennifer Freitas of The Truth Beauty Company, Jami Sherman of Echo Natural Beauty and Casey Shagena of  Menagerie Beauty & Body share deep insider knowledge that covers your most asked about retail topics! Click below to watch.


How To Capture Perfect Product Photos Without Expensive Equipment

We are joined by the amazing Sarita Coren who shares her clever methods and inexpensive resources for capturing swoon worthy product photos every time. All with just a humble cell phone. No fancy camera. No light box. No Photoshop. She’s completely mastered the art of DIY product photography. I encourage you to take a peek at her Instagram. Her images go viral across many social media platforms; recently on Instyle Magazine’s and Thrive Market’s respective blogs! They’ve even made it onto branded trade show banners & marketing materials. Click below to watch.

Connect with Sarita here:,  Twitter.


Powerful Copy Writing Tips To Boost Brand Identity And Product Recognition

We’ve tapped into the mind of word maven, Amy Flyntz of Amy Flyntz Copywriting LLC. Amy’s client list has included familiar names like Satya Jewelry, Thoughtfully Magazine, Laura Gellar, Vincent Longo, Meow Meow Tweet, Organic Bath Co and many more. In this rapid fire session, Amy shares powerful copy writing tips to help you craft a most memorable, confident and authentic brand voice.  Be seen. Be heard! Click below to watch.

Connect with Amy here:, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.



How To Get PR For Your Natural, Indie Beauty Brand

Get a deep, inside look into how you can get amazing PR coverage for your indie beauty brand without a PR firm. We’ve sat down with the wonderful Karen Young, founder of Oui Shave. Oui Shave has been covered by top publications like Refinery29, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Well & Good NYC, Real Simple, New Beauty Magazine, Lucky Magazine, and countless beauty influencers (like Michelle Phan of Ipsy). And she’s only been in business for a little over a year! Her top tips for DIY PR pitching and advice is here in this video. Click below to watch.

Visit  Oui Shave’s website and connect on Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter


How To Successfully Partner With A Beauty Subscription Box

The rise of the beauty subscription box is attributed to it’s incredible ability to help brands cut through the noise and get their product straight into the hands of hundreds (even hundreds of thousands) of potential customers and influencers! What do you need to know before you partner with a beauty box? And how do you make the most of this opportunity?  We sat down to chat with the brilliant Madeline Alcott, Co-Founder & CEO of Petit Vour, a leader in the conscious beauty box arena. What she shares with us in this video is absolute GOLD.

Visit Petit Vour’s website and connect on social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.



Smart Scaling: Growing Your Small Operation To Attract Larger Retailers

You’ve got something special to share with the world! Which is we are beyond delighted to share this master class with you! From TJ Maxx to the aisles of regional natural grocery chains, The Optimist Co and its founder, Devin Donaldson, are no strangers to growing with the flow! In this master class, we get to hear Devin’s candid play by play of what it truly takes to scale your operation to the next level, sustainably and organically.

Visit The Optimist Co’s website and connect on social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

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Bonus Mini Master Classes-


How To Have Endless Ideas For Social Media Posts

Imagine- no more more anxiety over what to post! No more scrambling for content. No more feeling down about not being “as on it as they are.” In this mini Master Class, I sharing a powerful, time saving strategy that will give you endless, engaging and authentic post ideas for your social media accounts. Best part, you can start doing this right away! Click below to watch.



Wholesale: Consignment Do’s And Don’ts

Retailer limbo isn’t fun! In this quick video lesson, I walk you through the top consignment Do’s and Don’ts. After watching this, you’ll have the ‘know how’ that’ll give you the best chance of having a win-win situation from the start of a retailer consignment situation and gain a shot at transitioning into a ‘paid up front’ wholesale arrangement.

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